X started his career as a rapper, and he is an emerging hip hop star from African American Fraternity, which is rich in music. X comes up as the face of New Age Hip Hop after signing with his own record label PHD MAFIA MG by its refreshing and inspiring wrap-style in this entirely new age of music. Music tracks refresh and excite the young African American audience and inspire them to join and celebrate the newly found hip hop cult with the power of positivity. Described by DEFJAM records A&R’s and music critics as the next generation of HIP HOP. Fans are hailing as they vibe to his new Project "Young African Nigga" We may claim the artist's work reflects his life challenges, success, and his experiences. XLG is the result of the voyage of a young man in search of his passion from Africa to America. XLG lived through several periods in his lives where he was alone as a kid, but the music came to the rescue, XLG kept moving newfound love. This new love was intense. As a diamond goes through several difficulties in cutting and shaping, XLG has gone along the same path from leaving the conventional education path to start his musical journey. He first started freestyling with cassette tape recording and was warmly appreciated. You say it is a long and distressing road to success. XLG says he has started to walk, he is going to run, and then ride across, “I'm going to make everything that's needed to create, improve and motivate young American generations.” XLG says Today young people fear disappointment, they become discouraged and think their future is tarnished when they face a rejection of life. Regardless of how hard life is, we should be positive and fight against it. In the beginning, some of the people liked his album, but at that time he did not get as many views as planned. Still, he was pleased with the positive response provided by the people who heard his songs. XLG's rap view is all about what you had comes from the bottom of heart and. and. The greatest source of music is the power of lyrics transformed into a meaning full voice. He is deeply influenced by NBA YoungBoy, Migos, Gucci Mane, Young Dolph, Lil Baby, POP Smoke. Sounds like Future & Dababy